6-Month Private Mentoring Program

The emphasis of this six-month program
is to give you the clarity, confidence, tools, skills and support required to increase your health, vitality and zest for life.

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My goal for you as a result of this program is that, with my guidance, teaching, love and support you will:

 Discover Your “Big Why”

  • Assess all areas of your life and establish a baseline for where you are now
  • Gain clarity around where you want to be and why
  • Set your intention and create a vision that will keep you motivated and moving forward

 Kick-start Your System

  • Experience a gentle cleansing process with a focus on high vibration, whole, raw and living food
  • Receive the information, tools and support necessary for a successful cleansing experience
  • Feel in your body and your spirit what a difference just a few days of eating for vitality will make, providing motivation to continue

Make Space for Miracles

  • Transition gently off the cleanse in a way that keeps you motivated and on target
  • Purge your kitchen of items that do not support your desired outcome
  • Learn how to restock your kitchen and incorporate ingredients that support vibrancy

 Transform Your Kitchen

  • Identify which equipment is needed to give you the best results
  • Master various techniques (blending, juicing, dehydrating, sprouting, etc.) which will keep you powered up and feeling great
  • Set up your kitchen in a way that is functional and organized

 Ride the Wave

  • Understand how cleaning up your diet has impacted every aspect of your life
  • Identify and address any boundary issues and energy leaks related to unhealthy past behaviors
  • Address any emotional components that may be impeding your ability to stay on track

See the Big Picture

  • Assess the changes that have occurred since the start of the program to appreciate all you’ve accomplished
  • Update any outdated beliefs or areas of your life that are not yet fully aligned with the newest version of YOU
  • Refocus your energies and formulate a plan for staying on track going forward


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What They’re Saying

"Maddy walks her talk. Eating Raw is her passion. Through education and experimentation, she has seamlessly introduced eating Raw into her life and it has grown into a mission to share what she has learned with the rest of us. After sampling some of her wonderful recipes we are happy to say we're onboard."

— Rob Spears 
& Brenda Michaels 

Conscious Talk Radio


"I love Madeline and you will too! She is one of those rare people who combine common sense with 'possibility' to create a space for guided exploration. As a teacher, I appreciate those students whom I can learn from too, Madeline is one of those students."

— Schall Adams
Author, Speaker, 
Blues Singer,
Talk Radio Host 
Reno, NV