I Recommend

Other Wellness Support

Personal Care

Organic brushing rinse toothpaste & mouthwash Best toothpaste I've found Clean your tongue! Helps to generate healthy new skin cells Moisturizes with all organic ingredients My favorite shower soap
Natural cardamom flavor

Foods and Supplements

My favorite spirulina for smoothies B-12 liquid; one dropperfull under the tongue and hold for 30 secs. Restore gut health -- Medical Medium recommended Delicious raw crackers 6-pack of my favorite coconut milk
Maple syrup Trace minerals Immune-boosting, alkalizing, and nutrient-rich Dandelion tea coffee substitute Golden milk!

Kitchen Tools and Appliances

5-tray dehydrator with timer The larger 9-tray model A great high-speed blender Great for use on young Thai coconuts Make your own nut milk-easy! Cleans with only water
Ice cream maker


My first book! Get it here. My second book! Get it here. Things your doctor wasn't taught Learn about the healing powers of fruits & vegetables Fascia Blaster secrets Matt Kahn is great!
My first mentor's book


Must watch! What Greenpeace won't tell you Why Americans are sicker than ever The healing power of nutrition They've put corporate profit ahead of consumer health

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