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In Essential Green Smoothies, brilliant raw food chef Madeline Eyer offers a collection of 52 irresistible green smoothie recipes enhanced with essential oils. She expands the “cookbook” paradigm, as each unique elixir is a delightfully nourishing treat for the body while each illustrated page is a visual feast for the eyes. If you think “green” smoothies taste like blended salad, you’re about to be happily surprised! What is a “green smoothie”? It’s a tasty combination of fruit, leafy greens, and, in most cases, water. The alkalizing effect that these fruits and vegetables provide has been shown to be necessary for optimal health, with the leafy greens helping to restore the mineral content in our commonly-depleted bodies-a result of eating processed, acid-forming foods grown with pesticides and other chemicals in nutrient-poor soil.

About Essential Oils

Many of the recipes in Essential Green Smoothies  use essential oils or their fresh equivalent. Because these oils are taken internally, it is imperative that you choose the highest quality products that have been approved for human consumption. If you would like to learn more about the oils I use and recommend, click here.

About the Author

Madeline Eyer is an internationally recognized Certified Raw Food Coach, Certified Holistic Health Coach, energetic healing practitioner, and Reiki Master. She has also studied sound healing, Theta Healing, metaphysical anatomy, and more. Madeline used raw food in conjunction with these healing modalities to restore her own health, and she uses these same tools to assist her clients in achieving soul- level healing.

Madeline’s deep desire for spiritual evolution, her love of natural healing, and her sense of adventure have led her to expand her skills through visits to a number of the world’s sacred sites. She has long had an affinity for working with flower essences and essential oils, often creating her own blends.

Currently, Madeline resides in the Seattle area with her husband, Mark, where they enjoy spending time in nature and growing their own vegetables.


About the Illustrator

Royce Richardson Royce Richardson makes his home in Seattle, Washington, where he designs and illustrates for several types of media, including books, film and websites. Royce’s formal training includes a B.A. in Fine Arts from Seattle University. In addition to being an artist, he is also an accomplished author and composer. His novel, The Blissmaker , was awarded a Benjamin Franklin Award for Best Work of Fiction and was also voted Book of the Year by the Coalition of Visionary Retailers. The story of his novel is not unlike his own, as it reflects the spiritual journey of a composer. His music CD MoonCrest contains piano compositions that were created throughout his writing of the novel. You can hear examples of this music, and learn more about his book at .

Some of the Buzz:

Essential Green Smoothies is a work of art in every sense of the word. The recipes are gorgeously simple and healthy, the artwork is delightful and other-worldly and the narrative adds that perfect extra something that gives it character and charm. I found myself feeling as if I had stumbled on a secret garden brimming with magic that only the chosen few are privy to.”

—Karen Knowler, author of Raw Food Made Simple and founder of the International Association of Raw Food Coaches & Teachers

“This book is so deliciously delightful that you will want to buy yourself a blender and get started using the recipes as soon as you open the cover. A copy of this book would be a gift that keeps giving and will be well used, stained and tattered on any kitchen counter.”

—David Elliott, author of The Reluctant Healer


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Essential Green Smoothies

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What They’re Saying

"Thanks again, the class was great. So many wonderful recipes! I will be watching the granola video and making notes. My daughters enjoyed it as well. It was great to be able to have them hear about raw food and taste wonderful creations from someone other than me! In fact I made a green smoothie for them this morning and they both enjoyed it. Before your class they would have balked. Now we have several recipes that they would like me to make."

— Donna Thoen
Abbotsford, BC


Rena Ashmall "Madeline's passion for raw food translates into an ability to simplify the complexities of all the choices associated with raw foods. And even better, she does that while making it look like fun!"

— Rena Ashmall
Veyo, UT


Kati Peters & Al Miller "Madeline is a true teacher and cares deeply for Mother Earth and those who share it. She is passionate in her love of raw food and shares her enthusiasm with those who seek her wisdom."

— Kati Peters & Al Miller
Sammamish, WA