Lessons from the Squirrels

Have you ever noticed how we can learn a great deal from nature? I’ve been pondering this lately, and taking some time to observe the squirrels that have been favoring our back yard, which has become quite a popular place. Alright, so I’ve been feeding them some nuts which, no doubt, is a big part of the attraction…that and the beautiful park-like setting that we are so blessed to look out upon each day.

squirrelIt began a couple of years ago when a friendly grey squirrel decided to sit in the tree outside my kitchen window, looking in at me as I stood at the sink washing my vegetables. It was a cold winter day and he looked hungry so I put a few nuts out on the deck. As you may have guessed, we’ve been friends ever since, although I have resisted giving him a name.

In recent months, some new squirrel friends have arrived at our back door and the competition for the cache of nuts has been fierce. A pair of small native red squirrels, about one-third the size of my furry grey friend, began to show up daily and chase him away. Why was he allowing himself to be run off by these two fearless, aggressive little guys? And why can’t they just share?

It reminded me of how we often buy into the idea of lack, believing that there is not enough to go around or thinking that we won’t have what we need. Of course this couldn’t be further from the truth. Then it got me thinking about how often we are clueless about our ability to make beneficial changes in our life or perhaps don’t even realize or believe that it’s even an option for us. Ideas are simply thoughts, which can be changed after all.

Well, today something changed. That big grey squirrel stood his ground, guarding his nuts and refusing to be run off by that little fierce squirrel. Something inside him must have shifted because he just wasn’t afraid anymore. It was an exciting moment for me to witness and it reminded me of all the opportunities I’ve had to learn, move past my fears and grow, and how I now use my experiences to support others to do the same.

So, now let me ask you – what have you been wishing you can do or telling yourself that you can’t accomplish? Are you willing to take a lesson from my squirrel friend and realize that it is just a thought and that you have the power to change your mind about it?

Time and time again I have witnessed that as we make positive changes in our diets, our whole world shifts to align itself with our updated choices. As we say “yes” to life by nurturing our bodies and nourishing them with wholesome nutritious food, they say “yes” to us! Possibilities begin to emerge that never before entered our reality, and we begin to see miracles happen.

Are you ready for a breakthrough? In addition to my one-to-one coaching, I am in the process of creating a group coaching program set to begin in the spring. I am also creating an online survey you can use to help me understand the best ways I can offer my services to you; look forward to its arrival in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, you can always contact me by private e-mail to discuss how I can support you!

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What They’re Saying

Teddy and Ryan "Since your class, we've been eating raw and LOVING it! I spend half the time “cooking” and the food is so much fresher and tastier. I've already made the Pesto, Banana Bread, Flax Crackers, Almond Milk, and several other recipes in addition to straight away adding a dehydrator and spiralizer to my kitchen tools. We've both come to the realization that the 30 second gratification of eating a burger doesn't come close to making up for the feeling afterward. Not to mention, we both agree we have not given up any taste what-so-ever and eating/“cooking” has become fun again (we're BOTH actually in the kitchen now at the same time). ...Thank you for such a wonderful class and for re-inspiring my husband and me."

—Teddy Sternagel
Issaquah, WA


Eric Dowsett "Few people are completely 'holistic' in their approach to healthy living. Madeline has combined many skills and a deep understanding of the nature of how we function and now adds raw 'food lifestyle' to her amazing repertoire to offer a truly 'holistic' approach to health and well-being."

— Eric Dowsett
Workshop Leader