Did You Know?  Hosed!

It seemed like a simple, straightforward task: stop at the local hardware store and purchase a garden hose to water our organic vegetable patch. Simple, that is, until I read the back of the label that was framed and surrounded by the coiled-up hose:

 “Contains chemical(s), including lead, known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, and other reproductive harm. Do not drink water from this hose. Wash hands after use.”

Are you kidding me? Lead in a hose? Whatever for? And how prudent would it be to water my veggies with a hose that may not even be safe to touch? And how many kids are drinking from these types of hoses every day?

My conversation with the sales clerk was even more bizarre. When I inquired about why they would even sell products containing known toxic substances (remember I wasn’t buying paint or drain cleaner…we’re talking about a garden hose here) and whether he was concerned about having to even touch them to stock the shelves, the salesman’s answer surprised me even more. He shared that when he questioned his boss about these warnings he just shrugged it off and said “that’s California.” It was as if he believed that our neighbors to the south had gone off the deep end and decided to haphazardly put cautions on products for no good reason.

I walked away wondering how we had become so desensitized that we believed warning signs were frivolous and without meaning. I wondered about the apathy and acceptance of that sales clerk. His “that’s the way it is and I just have to accept it” attitude with little or no concern or belief that it could be any different. And I wondered about what toxins might be lurking in other common household products. Sadly I didn’t have to look past the garden gloves. Yep. They contained lead too.

Suddenly a few things about my own health journey were beginning to make more sense. You see, prior to discovering the magic of eating a really clean diet high in raw and living food, I was feeling pretty exhausted much of the time. Some testing with a naturopath revealed that I was, in part, dealing with literally “off the charts” levels of lead and cadmium in my system. At the time I had no idea where all those heavy metals had come from, but after my visit to the hardware store I’m reasonably certain it was an accumulation from a variety of sources.

The heavy metals and toxins get stored in our body and literally weigh us down. Think of the energy of lead for example which is very dense and heavy. Well the body, in its innate wisdom, knows that our kidneys and liver can’t process these toxins very efficiently, especially in such alarming quantities, so it stores them in fatty tissue to protect us. And, these heavier energies contribute to the apathy and powerlessness we can feel when it comes to making helpful changes.

While my healing protocol was specific to me, I give a great deal of credit and thanks for the role that increasing my intake of raw and living food has played in my journey back to myself. In addition to giving me back my health it has expanded my life in ways that I never would have dreamed possible.

If this feels like something you would benefit from and would like to explore then I invite you to contact me so we can have a conversation about how I can best support your journey.

PS: We eventually did find a lead-free hose (selection was very limited).

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What They’re Saying

Charley Thweatt "Madeline, the food you prepared was eye-opening. That granola is truly alive! As I munched it during my drive to Oregon, it tingled with energy. It's like a healthy version of caffeine. Truly amazing. Thanks for that new understanding."

— Charley Thweatt
Workshop Leader


Eric Klos "I have had the privilege of being Madeline Eyer's chiropractor for the past several years. I have always enjoyed her passion for spiritual growth and natural health. Her interest in raw food has not only developed into some very tasty and nutritious dishes, but also objective physiological changes. Since Madeline has been incorporating a raw food regime into her life, I have noticed significant increases in flexibility and suppleness of her musculature and joint range of motion. Simply put, her tissues feel younger. I would highly recommend anyone to take her raw foods classes so that they too can experience the health benefits that I have seen in her and other patients on a raw food diet."

— Eric Klos,
Kirkland, WA
Moss Bay Health Center