Throughout her childhood, Madeline suffered greatly from the effects of hidden food allergies. At the time, no one had any idea what was causing her hands to itch so unbearably that she would literally tear her skin off while she slept. Modern medicine didn’t offer any solutions, so she had to search for answers wherever she could.

On her quest for a solution, Madeline studied many modalities of natural healing including reiki, therapeutic touch, hypnotherapy, sacred psychology and sound healing, just to name a few. She discovered that she had an innate skill and affinity for working with the vibrational therapies of sound, flower essences and essential oils in particular.

While each of these tools were an integral part of her journey towards wellness, something was still missing. This became especially apparent later on as the long-term effects of a stress-filled life coupled with thyroid issues and menopause drained her so completely that she could barely function. Fuzzy brain, sleeplessness, and plain old exhaustion had become a way of life.

As a result, Madeline began to look more closely at other lifestyle factors. Being a child of the 60’s, she was raised on Wonder Bread, processed sandwich meats with pizza and ice cream as special treats. Over time, however, Madeline transitioned to a vegetarian diet, eliminating most processed foods and increasing her intake of fruits and vegetables– which helped considerably. Little did she know she was on her way to discovering the unbelievable healing power of a raw and living food diet. This was the essential missing piece of the puzzle that she had spent decades searching for!

Remarkably, her energy and vitality levels increased dramatically, her digestion improved, twenty extra pounds effortlessly melted away and the sparkle in her eyes returned. Suddenly it all made perfect sense! Since food is vibrational in nature, of course eating a diet high in raw and living food would make her feel more alive.

As her body began to enliven and heal, Madeline discovered a few more surprises too as every aspect of her life began to improve as if to conform to her new state of being.

It was this profound life-changing experience that prompted Madeline to enter into a year-long training program and become a Certified Raw Food Coach highly recommended by her mentor.

Madeline shares her passion for the raw food lifestyle through her original raw food recipes, exciting hands-on classes and helpful how-to videos. She joyfully and compassionately coaches other women around the world to reclaim their lives, their health and their joy through telephone coaching, VIP days in her beautiful Pacific Northwest home and the periodic group coaching programs she offers online.

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What They’re Saying

Teddy and Ryan "Since your class, we've been eating raw and LOVING it! I spend half the time “cooking” and the food is so much fresher and tastier. I've already made the Pesto, Banana Bread, Flax Crackers, Almond Milk, and several other recipes in addition to straight away adding a dehydrator and spiralizer to my kitchen tools. We've both come to the realization that the 30 second gratification of eating a burger doesn't come close to making up for the feeling afterward. Not to mention, we both agree we have not given up any taste what-so-ever and eating/“cooking” has become fun again (we're BOTH actually in the kitchen now at the same time). ...Thank you for such a wonderful class and for re-inspiring my husband and me."

—Teddy Sternagel
Issaquah, WA


Eric Dowsett "Few people are completely 'holistic' in their approach to healthy living. Madeline has combined many skills and a deep understanding of the nature of how we function and now adds raw 'food lifestyle' to her amazing repertoire to offer a truly 'holistic' approach to health and well-being."

— Eric Dowsett
Workshop Leader