Are you ready?

Are you ready to transform all areas of your life?

Are you ready to really experience what it means to thrive?


Do you desire to:

  • Reach your ideal weight naturally, without starving?
  • Experience restful sleep, beautiful clear skin and sparkling eyes?
  • Deepen your connection with your body and your soul?

I’ve been there, yearning to heal and spark deep change.

And I found the missing piece to the puzzle.


Eating a plant-rich diet that’s high in raw and living food awakens every cell of your being to greater awareness and elevates your consciousness, profoundly transforming your entire life.

Nourishing your body, feeding your soul

As your vitality increases, so does your alignment with your own divinity and sense of purpose. Your intuition heightens. You feel more radiant, alive, and connected to life. And—this is really important—you build the momentum you need to continue to expand and grow.Elevate


You’re busy, you travel, time’s scarce—I get it. Eating raw can work with any lifestyle. I did it. My clients do it. Thousands of people around the globe eat raw. Think about it. All of those people healing, enlivening, transforming with every bite they take.


An integrative approach

My approach is practical, compassionate, non-judgmental, and intuitive. I’m passionate about health and healing and have an innate understanding of how to meet you where you are and support your next steps.

We’ll work together to achieve your desired results. You will receive the energetic support to help you to create a healthy relationship with food, clearing limiting beliefs and blockages that may have interfered with this in the past.


You are what you eat

There are many ways to achieve personal transformation. And, in my experience, the deepest transformation starts with the cells. Think of it this way: lower density food maintains and attracts lower density thoughts, feelings, emotions, and energies. High-vibe foods nourish and cleanse you on every level of your being. You can taste the life in every bite and literally feel it in your cells.


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What They’re Saying

"Maddy walks her talk. Eating Raw is her passion. Through education and experimentation, she has seamlessly introduced eating Raw into her life and it has grown into a mission to share what she has learned with the rest of us. After sampling some of her wonderful recipes we are happy to say we're onboard."

— Rob Spears 
& Brenda Michaels 

Conscious Talk Radio


"I love Madeline and you will too! She is one of those rare people who combine common sense with 'possibility' to create a space for guided exploration. As a teacher, I appreciate those students whom I can learn from too, Madeline is one of those students."

— Schall Adams
Author, Speaker, 
Blues Singer,
Talk Radio Host 
Reno, NV